Job Opportunity: Water Smart Agriculture CoP - Mexico & Central America - CRS

De Miércoles, Diciembre 19, 2018 hasta Lunes, Enero 7, 2019

Job Summary:

The Water-Smart Agriculture (WSA) program began in October 2015 and will run through September 2021. It works with allied institutions to help smallholder farm families in Oaxaca (Mexico), Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua achieve greater food security by increasing agricultural productivity through improved soil and water management. At mid-term, WSA has made strong progress and is advancing steadily toward its ambitious goals. Field data in four of the five country programs show clear and demonstrable benefits for smallholder farmers who adopt the WSA approach, especially in Central America. There are now hundreds of professionals with a solid understanding of the main precepts of WSA, and thousands of farmers (aside from those participating in the field experimentation) who have received some form of WSA training. WSA has already leveraged tens of millions of dollars through its influence work and expects that to grow over the coming years. The region’s largest and most important agricultural institutions are participating in the program. Prioritization of agricultural development activities in all countries now includes soil and water management. Over the next three years, WSA has the opportunity to work with allies (governmental, business, non-profit, academic, etc.) to use this evidence, capacity and buy-in to consolidate and expand its impact, bringing the region closer to the ambitious goal of reaching 250,000 smallholder producers with Soil Restoration Services and achieving a region-wide soil health movement that is visible in farmers’ fields. 

As Chief of Party II you will provide vision, leadership and overall management of the Water Smart Agriculture project to serve the poor and vulnerable through the establishment of sustainable soil restoration services in the region. Your strategic leadership, management and technical knowledge will ensure both delivery of high-quality programming through CRS staff and partners as well as the building of strategic partnerships and platforms to ensure sustainable impact at scale. As a senior leader you will proactively manage security and mitigate security risks.

Note that although the current WSA project ends in September 2021, the ideal candidate will lead strategic positioning of the Water Smart Agriculture approaches and platforms for impact beyond the timeline of the donor-funded project. We hope that he or she will help to build the next phase of WSA and continue to lead these efforts under new funding generated over the next two years.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the ideal candidate is identified, with a first review date of  January 7, 2019.

More information in the attached document.

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